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In the blackest night where stars can't even shine
Gather around and pour the blood in the shrine
Start the chants by calling out the demon's name
"Trash!", "Worthless", "Burden", "Loser", "You have no shame!"

I breathe the air of the evil have unleashed
A dark angel whose reigning have not finished
I summoned the devil with voices unheard
A melody that hums like a little bird

Old little ray of sunshine turned into fear
The fallen from the heavens was once a dear
"Gago", "Tanga", "Bobo", "Bwiset", "Pabigat"
Continue the monotone to summon that

When all hope is lost, the darkness will secure
The spirit with the wounds that the void will cure
The monster is a child who sees our planet
As a place where all of her dreams we will get
The Demon's Ritual
Gago - stupid
Tanga - idiot
Bobo - dumb
Bwiset - damn you / you're annoying
Pabigat - burden

Yeahhh... This is my first time using such words... And I am not comfortable with them... But I just had to write it for the poem...
Hope you like it.
  • Mood: Too Devious
  • Listening to: words that can change one's perspective
  • Reading: notes
  • Watching: people mocking you
Surrender your will and let the other corrupt and destroy you.

There is no right or wrong thing. It is just a matter of perspective. It is all in the mind. An endless illusion of reality.

No one will escape this dungeon for we are born here and from the darkness, we are told to destroy every ray of light that passes through the shadows of comfort.

It is a man's nature to search and destroy balance. It is a curse that we must carry while humanity still exists.

No point in change once you have been born. No point in being good for you will be bad in another's view. No point in being the ray of sunshine for the whole world will mock and laugh at you.

This truth is hidden by the lies and fantasy that we all refuse to believe in.
...Yeaaaaaahhhh... I thought of a good line for one of my characters... *sighs*
And the fact that I was not supposed to do unnecessary stuff like this one because I still have a lot of things to do...
...But I need to breath... Just let me do it... For now...
...I don't really like what happened back there...
...I should have just listened to my own warnings...
...I should not have spoken...
...I should not have followed myself...
...I should not have listened to them...
...All those words... Corrupting my decaying mind...
...I'll never let my words out ever again...
...Possibly abandoning my paradise and make a suicidal move like not letting these out of my mind...
...Possibly abandoning my ways of breathing and being human...

Rich kid
Not worth it
Knows nothing about life
Must die
Shouldn't be believed in
Don't fit in the standards

...I'm tired... Once I finish those plates, I will immerse myself to a lot of extra curricular activities to feel human again.
...That would be the only time I will be myself...
...From now on, I will abandon myself... And laugh at the world... Then let the world bury me alive...
...Chains... Strings... Ropes... Knives... Blood... Anger... Fury... Pain... Monster... Dungeons...
...This is just a dream... A dream... Nothing but a dream... Then I will wake up... Like nothing happened... Like we all don't exist...
...This is just a game... I'll beat it... But I have to sacrifice who I really am...
...I'll stop... I'll stop playing the game... I'll... Destroy it...
...I won't listen to anyone... I am tired of it...
...At the end...

Just... Leave... Me... Alone...
I... Resent... Them...
...I may be immature at this point... I don't care...
...I know that this isn't right... But just be quiet and just let me breath...
This will be my last breath as me... Then I'll abandon myself...
...Just let me be immature and let me unleash everything out...
...So that once I abandon myself, I'll be okay... I'll just laugh... And stare... And watch... Then laugh again...
...The good part is not one of the people who know me knows my real self...
...They must not know... So I won't remember... So I'll forget...
...I leave it all... I'm tired...
...Let me be alone for once...

Yrr Osmai, Yrr Osmai, I have avoided
The moment I thought you were just a dream
In the dark you followed to revive the dead
The life I have lost, you have helped me redeem

Yrr Osmai, Yrr Osmai, I became lonesome
Thinking you were just my imagination
In times of isolation, you always come
I feel like I am in deep desperation

Yrr Osmai, Yrr Osmai, I want to see you
To know what really happened and to undo
When I am close, your figure blend in the hue
Make our worlds collide so we can start anew

Yrr Osmai! Yrr Osmai! You, I have to find
I have truly understand now what I feel
My heart aches whenever it crosses my mind
That you are not an illusion; you are real
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: Study mp3's for an org
  • Reading: Musical sheets
  • Eating: Oreos that has blue filling
  • Drinking: Water
...I just love sleeping that much because I miss it.

I am already used to not sleeping and all but I have to admit that I am currently having a hard time catching up with stuff...
...I do plates and work slower than my usual. Haha

Perhaps, I am in the process of adjusting to floor plans and all.

One reason why I joined a lot of organization is I don't go outside much. I always stay at home dozing off during free time.
Since I don't have much background about architecture and drawing, I want expose myself.
I want to be an architect, writer and a film director.

At first, I was quite surprised that I chose architecture. Something draws me to that course. I don't even know what that is.

Welp~ I had to admit that joining this certain organization lessened my work time for my plates but hey... At least, I was given time to temporarily forget stress and all.

I met new friends. I am quite surprised at that. Most of them are higher years though but it is okay.
Life sure is strange and all. I rarely go outside the school if we have break times. I just stay in the org room studying or just making stuff... Resting... It depends on the situation. In short, I just really stay there even though I can just go outside and all...

...I also want to save money so yeah...

...I rarely show up late to class before but now, I usually miss the first class...
...Then family problems...
...Then my father's health...
...Then... Oversleeping...
Which is why I refuse to fall asleep if I have plates... Haha...
I overslept a lot of times already... I am quite thankful that I managed to finish my plates and our lab subjects are in the afternoon.

Life sure knows where to place what in the right time without us knowing.


You know what? I want to pass that cut-off. I want to pursue this course. I am honestly loving this course.
...It feels like I am just doing something I love without knowing.
It feels like I can translate the plan that I want for a scenery properly with lines with the help of few words...
...There are also times that words were required to make a piece wonderful.

...It feels like composing a song with or without words.

Then again, I am drifting off. Hahaha

How is everyone? :)


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Status: Studies... Plates... Scale models... Graphics... Visual tech... Architecture... LIFE! :)

My real name is not Reira Avernum.

I am a stranger who wants to be a better poet someday. I love writing poems because that is the only way I can paint pictures with words.

Everyone has their own insanity. We just need to embrace it.

That is all for now. Have a nice day~

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